Sensors on muxboard to turn on relays

I have several moisture sensors that I wanna hook up to my arduino. The results from the sensors will trigger a relay with a water pump. With the sensors hooked up to the arduino i would call for this code:

int sensorValue1 = analogRead(A1); // moistsensor 1


if (timer0 > interval){if(sensorValue1 >= 700){ digitalWrite(relay1,LOW); digitalWrite(relay2,LOW); delay(5000); digitalWrite(relay1, HIGH); digitalWrite(relay2, HIGH); delay(3000); timer0 -= interval; // reset timer }} else { digitalWrite(relay1, HIGH); digitalWrite(relay2, HIGH); }

How would I specify which channel sesorValue1 i located if I put it on a 16-channel mux board? My mux board is connected S0-S3 to digital 9-11 and SIG to A0.

Find the MUXs datasheet. It will show you how to select channel