Sensors/Pins 2.4 LCD

Hi all.

I have a Chinese 2.4" TFT LCD (shield) which is working perfectly - no issues in that direction, have used the ADAFruit libs and all is well on top of my UNO board.

My question is this (and its ignorance more than anything else), if I use a breakout board can I use some of the pins for sensors?

Currently the LCD is using almost all the pins onto the UNO and given that I want to show data from external sensors to display on the screen am trying to work out how its done.

My initial thoughts were to swap the pin usage in the loop, but then I realised that one has to set the pins in the setup.

I guess what I am asking is whether I can dual use some of the inputs/outputs on the UNO if I stack a breakout/screw board in between the TFT LCD and the UNO.

Thank you.

Which Display? What kind of Sensors? How many Sensors?


My apologies David.

I omitted useful information which would have helped.

LCD Screen Its this LCD:

Sensors and Board

First step is to identify which controller is on your TFT LCD.

If it is an ILI9341, you can reset it in software. This means that you can snip off the A4 pin from the TFT shield. (LCD_RST)

This allows you to use A4, A5 for the I2C bus as Nature intended. Your Compass can use D10 for its DRDY

I assume that you do NOT want to use the microSD.

Your Serial can use D0, D1 and you still have D11, D12, D13 available for other Sensors.

It looks as if your breakout board will fit in between the Display and your UNO.

If you have a different TFT controller, just ask.

Untested. You still have to read all your data sheets. Especially for connecting the NMEA to D0, D1 which are normally used for your regular Serial.