Sensors placed apart, that can measure the distance between themselves.

Hi! I'm looking for a sensor pair, which can measure the distance between themselves. There is no barrier between them. The distance between them is less than a meter. They move too.
Please suggest me the best possible sensors.

I'm looking for a pair of sensors, where one sensor senses the movement of another sensor, which is placed on a moving object. Following the movement of the object the, sensors should send information to the device, which thereby moves behind the moving object. This sensor requires high accuracy.
Please do suggest some sensors for this application.

What is "high accuracy"?

How far apart? Indoors or outdoors? Power requirements?

Don't tell me you are building a "Luggage"?

There have been successful projects doing this with a combination of radio and ultrasonic. I don't think there are any tutorials online (do not believe anything you read at but some thorough searching here will find enough details to get you started.

Tried a tape measure? Or a bit of string?


Tried a tape measure? Or a bit of string?

In other words, grossly insufficient information to even begin to answer the question adequately, and very likely an XY Problem.

Let me help.

  • What are the objects in question?
  • Are they connected? Is it OK to have a connection between them? How are they powered?
  • Why do you need to measure the distance?
  • How accurate?
  • What is the minimum distance?

Oh dear! Another cross posting. :sleeping: