Sensors suggested for soccer aim prototype

Hello, how are you? I'm a newbie in arduino and I'm willing to build a prototype for a aim net for soccer. My idea is to build an elastic fabric to attach to the goal and have several points that will light up and i want to track the accuracy on those points.

Ideally i would like to sense the entire net but i know that might be too expensive and harder to do. At the beginning having 6 point that light up and sense the impact will be awesome.

Its important that the leds and the sensor resist the impact and do not break. (Also if its possible with the same sensor to measure the force of the impact will add some extra value).

Which sensors and base board do you recommend? Do you see this as a hard project? If you think of any tutorial that can help me i would appreciate it!

Also, i you are a soccer fan and you think of any feature you think will add value to this project just post it here :)

Thanks a loot!

Rolling ball tilt switches tied to the net.
Any kind of impact will give multiple trigger signals for a few milliseconds. If you want them to survive hundreds of impacts then you’ll need to use multi stranded wire (which could turn out to be the most expensive part of the project) back to the Arduino.
Put the LEDs and other components several meters back from the net.

If the switches are too sensitive to wind disturbance try making your own using short pieces of 13mm irrigation pipe and ball bearings.

You may be able to guestimate the force of impact from the pattern of sensor activations and how close in time (ms) they are. Try the experiment and see if you get consistent results.