Sensors that can detect objects through matter

Hello! I’m working on a project using Arduino and i got stuck on the sensor i need to use.
The sensor i need is a sensor that can detect objects inside other objects, and the variation of density inside an object to determine it’s structure. Like Watermelon grains inside a watermelon.

X-Ray comes to mind.

Sounds like stud finder tech would be of interest to you. Not sure about seed-sized resolution, that'd be fetus-ultrasound tech and beyond Arduino processing power.

Arduinos and any imaging technology don't sound like a too great combination to me in the first place.

Arduinos and any imaging technology don't sound like a too great combination to me in the first place.

What Microprocessor would you recommend i use ? For an X-Ray detector for example

Find an xray detector and then we can tell you which microprocessor to look at.

Indeed. Start with the sensor. X-ray can get you excellent resolution very fast, ultrasound is a lower cost but MUCH safer and cheaper alternative, maybe something else entirely. Get your sensor, and I'm quite sure that the manufacturer of the sensor can tell you exactly what you need to run their imaging software, and they will probably also be happy to provide you with the training needed to actually use it.

These sensors are pretty much out of the DIY scope that you find mostly in this forum. Of course you could try to DIY one, but if you had the ability and deep enough understanding of the problem at hand you wouldn't be asking this kind of questions in this forum.

X rays are pretty nasty. Like: you die from cancer and your kids grow two heads. It is not going to be easy to get an X ray machine without proper licenses.

What are you really trying to do? Are you really trying to count watermelon seeds without opening the watermelon? There are much safer ways to do that.

You are starting off with a way underpowered controller. Anything you do will require image capture and display and an Arduino is not going to do it. An X-ray machine displays on a florescent screen which is then captured by a digital camera. The screen and camera may be all in a single device. Our little x-ray machine for viewing BGA devices on circuit boards uses a PC to capture the small image.

In Oregon, and perhaps most other states, the law requires a license to sell, or to install and use an x-ray machine. But, I have seen dental x-ray machines occasionally on Craig's list, and even at the local Habitat for Humanity thrift store.


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