Sensors use and creators' needs

Hello to all,

I am Simone from Milan. Together with other students and our professor we are working on a university research. Right now we are trying to understand some information on how DIY communities use the sensors they create, and the needs they could have.

I would be very thankful if you could give us your personal contribution answering our short survey (just 4 questions) on google form:

Trusting in your help, I thank you all in advance :)

I don;t think you will find ANYONE on this forum who creates their own sensor. We all buy ones that fit our requirements.


I'm probably the exception - still working to build a better, cheaper EC/TDS sensor (as the commercial ones are crazy expensive).

Just opened the link to find out that it's not about creating sensors, it's more about using sensors, and the questions are outright terrible. I don't think you will get much if any useful data out of it.

I built a pressure sensor. I also bought a pressure sensor. The one I built was way better.