Sensors without shield

Hi! As an Arduino noob, i dont know a lot about the sensors, but still they seem to be very interesting stuff. So maybe you could just [u]name some sensors that you know.[/u] They should be as simple as possible. Just plug in (with some resistors) and ready to go.

Here are mine that i know so far: 1) Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) 2) IR receiver 3) Piezo plate, for knock sensor 4) temperature sensor 5) Microphone 6) PIR motion sensor 7) tilt sensor 9) humidity sensor

photodetector (pretty much an LDR but faster and on a specific wavelength) barometric pressure sensor gyroscope electronic compass accellerometer

umm, getting stuck there... Some of them need a serial port or i2c etc but you can get simple and complicated versions of most of them


Pressure sensor Weight sensor Proximity sensor Current sensor Magnetic sensor (hall effect) Touch sensor IR remote control sensor (has amplifier and demodulator over conventional IR sensor) PH sensor Conductivity sensor. Colour sensor

wow, colour sensor seems very interesting. Thinking about these sensors makes me imagine all kinds of stuff i could do...