Sensors work on Arduino Uno but not Micro or Mini Pro

I've successfully connected my Arduino Uno to both an LSM9DS0 accelerometer and the GPS breakout and gotten good serial readings. When I connect them in the same way to either my Micro or Mini Pro, both successfully connect to the devices (they're powered) but their serial readouts behave as if they aren't getting data.

I'm at a loss, as I know the devices work and program is good (they work on the Uno) and I believe the power is working (the devices are powered and recognized) but no readings. It isn't the USB connectors because I'm able to upload the programs and print out what I want on serial (also, Blink works).

Any thoughts as to what this could be? Differences between the Micro or Mini Pro that could explain this?

Are they on the correct pin types? Are they getting the same amount of power? (Measure it, don't just read off the literature)