Hi guys , im new to arduino and i was thinking is it possible to connect let say some sound sensor to arduino uno +gsm shield , so when sound sensor detect sound to tel the gsm shield to make a call to some phone number with some delay between calls , what you think , and how many sensors can be connected to arduino uno , or other arduino for more sensors ??????????

Thanks in advance !!!

shoker: How to programme a sensor of distance with arduino?

Thanks in advance !!!

The amount of sensors that you can connect depens first in the kind of ARDUINO you have or will buy.

The ARDUINO MEGA i.e. has 54 ports, with 16 PWM and 15 AnalogPorts.

The ARDUINO UNO has less of them…

So, principal it is possible to build and program what you want 8)

And what these PedroFelix wanted to tell us…don’t know what he meant :stuck_out_tongue: