Separate hardware for SAM3X8E

Hello friends,

I am just curious to know, like it is possible to program a Atmega328 chip connected externally to Arduino UNO through ICSP is it possible with the Due. What I mean to say is that if make a separate PCB having only the controller SAM3X8E and it power supply can I program it with another Arduino Due through ICSp just like Arduino UNO. if so what should be the hardware needed on the seperate PCB for proper working of SAM3X8E.

Thanks in advance

You don't need to. The bootloader is in ROM and every chip has it. You can't remove the bootloader, even if you try.

Thanks Morgan, does that mean if I use a new SAM3X8E chip on a seperate board it will not require any sort of bootloading, if so then how can I program t using Arduino IDE.