Separate IR, Visible, Ultraviolet light

Use a prism. Newton used a thermometer to detect "invisible" light. I guess a photo device in a precise place. you could have a one-pixel color detector. Could you measure the doppler shift of lights in the sky to tell if our sun is lighting them?

What lights and what is "them"?

lights in the night sky are they local or not

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Probably not, using an Arduino.

UFO detection?

Stars are very remote, sun and planets kind of local, the Moon even more local,
satellites and the ISS are quite near.


Far away a star, no Doppler shift it is local.

So measure the Hydrogen line and find out.

I don't know when you use a prism to spread light, the absorption lines should be detectable.

that is my point you can measure it

Or very far away and approaching very rapidly.

No Doppler only means no differential movement,
which is quite hard in an expanding universe, if you are far apart.

It was measured thousands of times.

The distances are calculated by the measurements.
For very far away objects, parallax does not work.

i'm interested in local objects. maybe shoot an ir laser at it, giggle

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as far as I know, there is no system to separate light. I would think using an Arduino to do this would be serious. sorry

Of course! What will you use as the detector?

How about this, using a diffraction grating:

Are you really doubting that Alpha Centauri is a couple of light years away?
Or that the Sun is 8 light minutes away?

Added: Looking at the above project, I wonder if the analyzing software could run on an ESP32,
the ESP32-CAM uses a Pi camera, that would really shrink it down.