Separation of hardware blocks, Arduino Mega 2560


I am trying to design a new arduino Mega board, for standalone applications.

On doing this redesign i would like to remove all USB related components in the actual Mega board. So the idea was to have some SIL terminals in the new board where i could plug in the other block (ATMega8U2) that would help me to program the ATMega 2560.

Is this possible? What is the way to go when trying to build standalone devices with arduino?

Thank you

Give yourself 6 pins so you can plug in any part that is like an FTDI Basic. +5, Gnd, Rx, Tx, DTR, 2nd Gnd. Rx, Tx, go to Rx0, TX0, DTR via 100nF capacitor to Reset. Same as you would see on a Promini.

Or do similar for the ICSP pins so you can easily plug on an AVR ISP Programmer: +5, Gnd, Reset, MISO, MOSI, SCK

Or do both as CrossRoads suggested. You may need to use the serial port and program the chip.

While you're at it, check which serial interface pinouts are "standard" and go for that.