Seperate Controller to control 8 relays

Hey guys,

I am new here and just started on an Arduino Project,

I need my Arduino to control 8 separate relays.

The relays I am using require 24 volts to activate.

I came across this chip

It looks like it can do the job.

After doing more research it looks like the type of design is called an "H bridge", is this correct ?

So basically what I am asking is what chip could I use to control 8 separate relays by supplying them with 24 volts each also by using an SPI interface.



It looks like your chip is end of life. Is there a reason you want to use SPI? If not, there’s a lot of examples on the web of using a transistor to drive a relay that you might use.

Well If I use that chip I will need less wires going to the Arduino board, I can use a transistor but ill need 8 of them and use 8 output pins on the board, I also need 8 other pins because Ill be taking current readings off plugs that the relays will be connected to.

The ship does not have to use an SPI interface.

Can anyone recommend a similar chip ?

If you are ok with using 8 i/o pins, then why not use a ULN2003 as a driver...

Data sheet

Oh come on! How much current do you need?

What about a TPIC6A595?