Sequencer LED

Hello im Rather new to the board i've been hanging around for some time yet have never posted anything Anyways i'm starting my Final project for school and have decided to build myself a 16 step Sequencer. I have all of the parts but i have run into a snag

i would like to have 8 full color leds (Radioshack Wired up to track each beat i was looking around and i noticed that people were using more than one pin for a color change. I was wondering if there was a simple way to change the Colors on the led so that they change as the sequencer goes though its program while only using a single slot on the uno. I'm mainly following this adding some of my own ideas to it. Anyways any help would be great Thank you.

IF this can not be done on the Arduino Uno that would be great information to now thank you very much

When you say single slot, I assume you mean single pin on the Arduino. 3 of the pins on your RGB LED are for the three colors red, green, blue. So, unfortunately no, you cannot use only one pin. With 8 LEDs, you will need at least 24 pins.
The fourth pin goes to +5V since this is a Common Anode LED. Good Luck.

Look into driving RGB LEDs with shift registers.

Well thank you i was hoping it would be possible a single color led will suffix i’ve an avid player of drum machines and i was looking for a fun little project that i could use just trying to get to fancy with it . :slight_smile: