Sequential Rocket Launcher?

I have an arduino uno, an RC receiver and radio, and 4 relays that can be triggered at 5 volts.

My goal is to create a system that uses the RC radio to send a PWM signal to the arduino, which will fire up to 4 model rockets sequentially.

In the past I have done a knight rider sweeping eye with 7 pins and a loop that would add to the pin number to go to the next light, so I figured this would be possible with rockets. On my radio I have a momentary switch that I would push, starting with the first rocket. after firing it would do a loop and wait for another signal to fire the next rocket. I understand some of the programming language but I'm stuck on how to monitor for changes in PWM and how to have it pause and wait for the next signal change. If anybody could help me on that part that would be appreciated. I can figure out the relays and circuits connecting to the rocket igniters.


You can start with this thread relating to reading rc receiver input where I have posted several code samples, or have a poke around on my blog.



Duane B

Your Extra Channels on the Cheap post is very close to what I am looking for, I should be able to work with that


Neil C