Serial Arduino network

If we can change the Arduino hardware serial port from 8 bit data to 9 bit data, we can build an Arduino network, but need to modify the Arduino lib, I do not know how, Can somebody give me some instructions?

Why would you need 9 bits to build a network?

A bit for you and a bit for me …


Using 9 bits is for Multi Processor Communication Mode. The 9th bit identifies data or address. Slave processors ignore anything that isn't an address (if they currently aren't the one being talked to). When they see an address, if it is theirs, they will start to process the following data transmissions. Not sure the address verification is done at the chip level, or higher.

In any case, I doubt if the library handles this. You will probably need to look to see if someone else has tackled it, or get down in the code yourself.

Good luck. Building scratch networks can be fun.

Do a search; this was discussed before and if I recall correctly there is code for it (either here or on the web).