Serial.begin() for 16Mhz

Hi All,

May I know if I can use 100000 for Serial.begin()?

The reason why I want to use 100000 is because it has 0% error rate... 115200 has -3.5% error rate

Thanks in advance!

You can use anything you like up to 2,000,000 as long as both sender/receiver are the same

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For asynchronous communications, small errors or differences in clock rates are dealt with by the decoding, its why asynchronous is used.

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Ah..Okay! Got it!

Thanks for the quick response @blh64 @srnet ! :grinning:

The error rate is in the bit timing, not the received data.

We’re talking about tiny fractions of time here.
Most serial decoders can tolerate ‘up to’ 20% bit timing errors.

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