Serial.begin parameters not working - Due 1.5.5 Beta

A re-post as I'm having the same issue using a Due with 1.5.5...

Program won't compile: Serial.begin(1200,SERIAL_7E1); error: 'SERIAL_7E1' was not declared in this scope

Any Ideas?

Thnks, Bart

The Due HardwareSerial class doesn't currently support the two-argument begin() call. The constant SERIAL_7E1 is an AVR register setting.

Hi There,

I tried to use Due for my project but Due doesn't support Serial.begin parameters. Is it impossible or not yet implemented?

I try to use some device which can work with different mode ( e.g. 9600, 7,E, 1 ).. Is there any idea to support parameters ?



As has been mentioned, the Due HardwareSerial class doesn't currently support specifying a mode - its fixed at 8N1. However, if you download the latest ide-1.5.x branch from github then you'll be able to do what you want, but only on Serial1, Serial2 and Serial3. Limitations with the SAM3X8E on the Due means that you can only use Serial to do 8 bit transfers.

Hi bluesign2k,

Thank you for your post.

I have checked github and couldn't find any different from my current version ( 1.5.6-r2) Under arduino/hardware/arduino folder there are 2 folders ( avr and sam) I think Arduino due is sam processor so it should load some files under sam folder.

Please help me what I missed.

for Arduino uno or mega /hardware/arduino/avr/cores/arduino/HardwareSerial.h (This has defines e.g. SERIAL_7E1) for Arduino Due /hardware/arduino/sam/cores/arduino/hardwareSerial.h ( There is no define for config)