Serial Bluetooth ESP32 reconnection after manual disconnect

Hi, first of all thanks in advance for all of your replies.

I'm struggeling with my ESP32 bluetooth connection already on a very basic level, and can't find any tutorials to help me out.

I programmed an app with the MIT AI, which basically should just connect to the board by calling its adress in order to exchange text via serial (no BLE used). After that it should disconnect again when pressing another button.

To this point everything works fine and as expected. But here's the problem: When I try to connect again to the ESP32 by calling its adress as before it is not responding. The app announces that there is no connection possible, only after rebooting the board.

Did anybody experience such problem before or can even help out with a working code?

All the best and have a nice weekend!

How are you disconnecting on the ESP32?

There is a bug in version 1.0.5 of the ESP32 core for Arduino which comes from the Board Manager.

Your possible solutions are

A) go back to using 1.0.4
B) live with the issue and wait for 1.0.6 which is supposed to fix the issue
C) use the version of the core available through GitHub and the current master file

The procedure for the option C is given in the referenced github issue report.

Thank you so much für this hint!

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