Serial Buffer

I just came across some of these arduino devices and I just wanted to see how feasible it would be to use the serial board and program it to act like an external serial buffer between a C328 camera module and a Javelin microcontroller.

Since there is no flow control available through the camera module, the 256byte buffer available on the Javelin stamp microcontroller will overflow when the camera is sending me the image data.

Most external serial buffers that I have found online are large, heavy, and expensive.

I would need it to act as a serial buffer that can hold upwards of 10k-bytes of data at a time and transmit at around 19200bps. I’m not sure what the memory capabilities are on the adruino serial device. If anyone can point me in the right direction or just tell me if it’s not possible it would be greatly appreciated.

The Arduino only has 1K of RAM, so I’m guessing it wouldn’t work. Someone else might have an idea of what else you might be able to use though.

have you looked at the tini? I believe you can get them at 1 or 2 meg of memory.... also programmed in java(does not run java natively like the ajile stuff)

Lots of io, and network ready too, ~$60, so its a bit more than an arduino, but less then ajile, or javelin.