Serial cmd monitor not recognizing input

I have a Gravity Analog Electrical Conductivity Sensor ESEN292 V2.0.

To enter the calibration mode you need to enter "enterec" in the serial cmd window.

On my older laptop, this works no problem. I enter "enterec" and I am able to calibrate the sensor.

However, on my new laptop, I can not get the serial monitor to recognize the command.

The code, .h and .cpp files are exactly the same on both computers.

I have even copied the code files from my New laptop to my old one to ensure the cmd still operated correctly. "it did"

I then downgraded my new computer IDE software from 8.12 to 8.11 to match my old computer but the cmd still is not recognized.

Is there something I am missing? maybe a setting or COM issue? IDk....

Direction would be greatly appreciated.

Is the option list (bottom right in the serial monitor) to set CR, LF, both or none, in the correct position?

This was it thank you!

I had changed it about two months ago to no line ending for some counting exercise, I forget what.