Serial Comm

Hello, I want to send sensor output to my PC via Arduino board and upload it to a database or server... as far as i know hyperlink or serial monitor only helps us to see the serial results from the Arduino.... but can i take those data to store them in a database? please help :slight_smile: Thank you...

Of course, Yes. But you do need some software on the PC to doit. But that of course is nothing to do with the Arduino.


Most terminal programs allow you to log/save the data. If you send it from the Arduino in say CSV format (Comma Separated Values) you can read that directly with a DB program.


Add serial prints to the serial monitor and capture it with a terminal capture program and use that text file to create the CSV file.

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This demo shows communication between PC and Arduino using Python. You could extend the Python program to save data in a database.


thnk you guys for the expert comments and sorry for being late :slight_smile: It was little bit difficult for me to work on i searched for a better option and got one too :smiley:
I used coolterm for keeping track of my serial port data from arduino(or anything else) not only monitors but has many other features like capturing data in any format we want... :slight_smile:

so i searched for a better option and got one too

What was that?


I think it is coolterm. I need to look that program up! :slight_smile: