Serial Commmunication

Hi folks,

im trying to use the SoftwareSerial library in my arduino pro mini, when i type #include <SoftwareSerial.h> it doesnt change color which seems to me that the library cant be found by the IDE. any help ou there guys? :frowning: thanks in advance

when i type #include <SoftwareSerial.h> it doesnt change color

So what? Color is useless.

Does the code compile? THAT is the important question.

The Include doesn't.. It threw me too, when I tried my 1st attempt at making a remote XBEE talk to a second one, plugged into a Duemilinova running the soft-serial.. But, you'll notice, when you do the "port1.begin(9600)" & & port1.write, the functions will..

Check the File/Examples/SoftwareSerial TwoPortReceive example, and scroll down to the 55th to 84th lines, You'll see how it changes color only on the function. It also shows in the SoftwareSerialExample sample between lines 44th to 53rd lines.

At least these work under 1.0.5, not sure of older (I still keep 0.23 for the LOL-Shield), or the newer betas.