Serial comms to a USB device.


I'm trying to interface an Arduino Nano 3.0 with a Telit He910 series Mini PCI-e 3G device. While the HE910 has a hardware serial port it is not connected to the Mini PCI-e interface. Can anyone help me with information on converting serial i/o from the Nano to a USB host (if in fact a host is required) with a minimum of additional hardware? The only other version of the HE910 available to me is the module alone which requires reflow soldering techniques that I don't have access to.

Cheers Greg.

Can you supply more details on the module your trying to connect to please. I'm a bit confused how you jump from a PCI-E interface to USB host interface so need more details.


Thanks for replying. The device I’m trying to communicate with is a Telit HE910 HSDPA module. The variant I chose comes as a Mini PCI-e card with the SIM mounted to the underside of the board giving me a reasonably easy . The reason I need to try to utilise USB to communicate with the device is that the hardware serial connections on the HE910 module are not physically connected to any of the terminals of the Mini PCI-e interface. The devices USB interface has numerous multiplexed virtual serial ports which may offer an alternative but I fear it might just be easier to use a different (though more difficult to solder) module. There is one available with an 80 pin Molex plug (0.5mm pitch!!!)that does connect to the hardware serial port, but it will require the SIM be mounted separately.

Hi gregcan, Looking through the datasheets and I now think I understand. Using the PCI-e version USB is broken out to a couple of the header pins so your looking for a USB host shield that supports USB2.0 (USB1.1 is not supported in the device). This site look to have a couple of alternatives. Sparkfun also have a USB host shield and finally DFrobot have a version I'm not sure what band/protocols your GSM device needs to support but Telit also do desk version with integral SIM Another possible alternative is a GSM shield, Arduino labs refer to one here and a Google search lists multiple variants. Hope this is of some help.

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your advice and support. After much head scratching and hair pulling I decided to change to a different model of the HE910 device. The upside is that serial comms is directly available via pins on the connector... The downside, it's an 80 pin Molex connector with a pin pitch of 0.5mm!... My poor old eyes won't enjoy the process of soldering that one!

Cheers Greg.