Serial communication Arduino Uno ESP8862-01

I did try with other pins for software serial, but it didn't work too...

But, I just wired the brand new NodeMCU I got and everything works fine...

I'm happy with this, since it is way more easy to wire/setup a NodeMCU I have to say.

But still, I would be even more happy to understand what was wrong with my setup with the ESP01...

Thanks again for your help @runaway_pancake

An oscilloscope would solve the mystery.

Interesting. Unfortunately I don't have an oscilloscope...

If I had one, how would you use it to solve the mystery?

Can you please show us a photo of your wiring? I ask because your original post with the fritzing diagram is wrong, it has the rx and tx pins swapped. Then your drawings simply show rx and tx without reference to esp8266 pin numbers. So, it is unclear if your connections are correct.

"how would you use it to solve the mystery"
A) to see data is outputting
B) that it's at proper level

I've never uploaded a sketch to a ESP-01, the process looks drawn out.

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