Serial communication between Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense and ESP32

Hi, I want to send sensor data from Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense to ESP32 for uploading to database. But, I can't do even basic serial communication using TX, RX pin in Arduino and pin 16, 17 in ESP32. Anyone have example how to do it?

The Tx and Rx pins 1 and 0 pins on the nano 33 ble are a hardware uart port accessed as Serial1 and independent of the usb serial. Look at a pinout diagram for the Nano 33 BLE as the pin closest to the edge of the board is 1( Tx ) and the next pin in is 0 (Rx). It's not what you would expect.

Pin 16, 17 are in Rx and Tx of Serial2 ESP32.

Pin 1 will connect to Pin 16 and Pin 0 to pin 17. Connect the grounds. Make sure the baud rates are the same for Serial1 on the Nano and Serial 2 on the Esp.

Post your code and your wiring diagram if you have issues.

Thanks for your answer, I follow this tutorial How to Exchange Data between Arduino and ESP32 using Serial Communication? ( and change the sender source code from Serial.begin and Serial.println into Serial1.begin and Serial1.println