Serial communication between two programs via USB ?

Hey guys,

I’m developing a device for my car that will give me a ui to control various functions in my classic car (power locks, windows, etc) I am designing the ui in processing and it’s working great. Now I want to add some voice recognition features using voxcommando Vc uses a python script to communicate with the arduino via serial USB. Is there a way to have both processing and box communicate with an Arduino from the same com port?

For those unfamiliar with vc:

It is tricky. Basically you have to get processing to close the serial port and your python script to open it. So ther needs some communication between the two.
Also when the port is opened or closed your arduino resets so you have to disable the auto reset circuit as well.

Thanks for the quick response. Would it be a possible/better solution to have vc communicate with processing on one port and then pass that through to the arduino?

Not sure what you mean by that, but one port into the arduino is a good idea.
How processing and python are going to talk is an other matter. Maybe through MIDI or OSC messages, they are not just for music.