Serial communication between UNO with TFT Shield --and-- Mega

Hello everyone, first post here!

I have a
Geekcreit 3.5 Inch TFT Color Display Screen Module 320 X 480
that is a shield on my Arduino Uno and i want to connect them with my Arduino Mega

The shield leaves only a couple of pins unoccupied on each side of UNO (photo).

What is the connection with MEGA?

Thanks in advance, keep up the good work!

Welcome to the forum. I know nothing about the TFT shield and your link doesn't work, but you can be quite sure that there would be no problem ( no problem that cannot be fixed ) connecting Uno to Mega using serial - pins 0,1. Note that you will need to disconnect Mega while uploading a programme to Uno.

For all that, one has to wonder what the point of all this might be, and perhaps conclude that the TFT would be better employed on the Mega instead. Maybe the Uno serves no other purpose than as a remote display.

Exactly, UNO will ony be used as remote display.

But the shield uses pins 0,1 (RX,TX) of UNO. GND pins as well.
[edit:]unless the shield has more pins on it than it really needs

I am new to Arduino, thanks for your help.
I'll try to fix the link too.

But the shield uses pins 0,1 (RX,TX) of UNO. GND pins as well.

There is nothing to suggest it does and I'm betting it doesn't. The pins should be just pass-through and your only problem is the degree of convenience of the connection on the other side. Normally, clipping pins is a rash move for the desperate, but I think it is quite in order here.

I suspect that your only problem will be during the upload of code to the Uno while the Mega is connected to pins 0 and 1. You will have to disconnect the Mega from the Uno during upload to the Uno.

So does the shield has more pins than it really needs?
Do i only have to connect the ones in the photo, the ones that are named?

It does not look like pins 0 and 1 have anything connected; I also can't imagine a reason why that would be the case.

Most shields have all pins populated, even if not used.

If you can, try to find the schematic of that board and you will be sure. If you can't find it, I personally would just put the shield on the Uno and try to upload an empty sketch. If that works, the two pins will not interfere when you use it in combination with the Mega.

Thanks again,
yes it works on the UNO
but i guess i have to cut some pins to make room for the connection with Mega.
So is it OK to remove any of the pins that don't have a label next to them?

I'm sure you will find that is OK. Pins 0,1 should never have been there in the first place.