Serial communication detecting

two ports don't send the same data. It always changes. In this example data is not important. I just need to listen to port and understand there is a transfer exist or not.

What sould I need to do if I neede 6 RX pins. I just need to listen to data.

I hear the sound of goalposts moving...

What are you really trying to do ?

I am really confused

You are not the only one

What are you trying to do ?

How many devices do you need to read serial data from ?
Do all of the devices have a main and standby serial interface ?

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Firstly, I really appreciate for your interest. I have two devices to send data and these devices both have main and standby channel. These devices send data to operation center. Sometimes ,operation center wants to send data to these devices. Operation center also has main and standby channel. As you can see, totally, I have 3 main and 3 stanby that means 6 channels. I just need to listen these channels and understand which are working. If there is a problem on my device main channel I need direct to center another main channel. It is also valid for standby channel.

You'll have to consider colourblind people; so on/flashing/off is OK but green and red might not be.



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