Serial communication distance

Hi, I'm looking for the maximum distance i can link my arduino uno r3 to my pc over the serial pins. I have a usb to serial converter and i wounder how far my devices can be from each other.

Thank you :smiley:

You know how to Google don't you? serial communication distance limits - Google Search

Can be pretty far with a quality USB extension cable, like 20 feet.

So the distance of the serial signal si not affected by the USB module ? Because already know that lowering the braud can allow more distance but again, it's the converter that I'm wondering .

Your original question is ambiguous.

Do you want to connect your Arduino to your PC using an extended USB connection?

OR do you want to connect the Arduino to your PC using wires connected to the Rx and Tx pins (and GND)?

If you are using a USB connection then the distance is governed by the capabilities of USB and has nothing to do with baud rates.

It would also help you to get useful advice if you tell us the distance you would like to be able to transmit the data.


I want to use the tx and rx pins and gnd from the arduino, then use 40-50 feet of cat5e and then connect the wire to my pc with a usb to serial. will it work that way ? or am i better to use a Lan shield to make the connection ?

My guess (and it is no more than that) is that it would be worth trying it.

RS485 is used for long distances - but needs converters at each end.