Serial Communication Issue

i am using arduino uno for serial communication pass through software serial port, But when i pass simple "A" from the termial i am getting 95 on arduino terminal. When i pass "B" on software serial port i am getting 47 on arduino terminal

All i am doing is Serial.print(;

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my application is to pass through ASCII String from One Software Serial port of arduino to Actual Serial Port of Arduino,

using Serial.print(, While i enter "A" i am getting "95" to other side while i send "B" i am getting "47". when i send the combination of character the output is not consistant. but when i send on actual serial port of arduino and print on the same port iam getting the same character.

How it is so ?

Can anyone help me out ?

Thank You



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Software serial multple serial test

Receives from the hardware serial, sends to software serial.
Receives from software serial, sends to hardware serial.

The circuit:

  • RX is digital pin 10 (connect to TX of other device)
  • TX is digital pin 11 (connect to RX of other device)

Not all pins on the Mega and Mega 2560 support change interrupts,
so only the following can be used for RX:
10, 11, 12, 13, 50, 51, 52, 53, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69

Not all pins on the Leonardo and Micro support change interrupts,
so only the following can be used for RX:
8, 9, 10, 11, 14 (MISO), 15 (SCK), 16 (MOSI).

created back in the mists of time
modified 25 May 2012
by Tom Igoe
based on Mikal Hart's example

This example code is in the public domain.


void setup() {
// Open serial communications and wait for port to open:

// set the data rate for the SoftwareSerial port


void loop()
{ // run over and over

if (Serial1.available())

if (Serial.available())

Use Serial.write instead of Serial.print.

Serial.print considers the characters to be numbers and hence you see numbers.

I can explain the numbers that you get, I would expect other numbers 65 and 66. Maybe wrong baudrate. As pert indicated, post you full code and explain what is connected to mySerial.

One thermostat is going to connected on software serial port, But for now i am sendind command from my pc termial using serial to usb cable.

I am also expecting 65 and 66 and so on, Believe me i have set baudrate to 9600 wherever needed. there is no mistake in baudrate setting.

My concern is that why i am getting 95 instread of 65.

Where do you create an instance of Serial1. You're using an Uno which does not even have a Serial1 and hence your code (reply #5) does not compile.