Serial Communication library

Hey guys,

I don't really know what to call it, so my title might be wrong.

But i was wandering if any body has programmed a program on the ardruino and the computer that's acts as a instruction interface,.

So basically i want to be able to control all the pins from the computer...

So i load this "so called program: onto the ardruino. Then basically i dont ever have to edit the ardruino code again..

I can just send the controls from the computer via usb / wifi / serial etc??

Does any one know of any type of project like this? My friend and i attempted to make one of our own a while ago, but it was abit buggy...


Firmata is such an attempt. Processing and VB and some other applications can then use the Arduino just like it was a PC accessory.

Has some issues, too, and is not particularly friendly to the Megas.

oh awesome. Im glad to hear..

What are the issues? Are they big? or small glitches? I just want to build a device that has sensors on it, and can drive around,

but the computer must do all the AI. not the arduino.

Any idea if it supports java?

What are the issues?

Getting all the digital pins and analog pins and servo and PWM to work at the same time.

Are they big? or small glitches?

Depends on whether you need to use a function/pin/mode that does not seem to work.

Any idea if it supports java?

What do you mean by "supports java"? Firmata uses the serial data to decide what to do. If a Java application sends it the right data, and can interpret the response, then, yes, it "supports java".