Serial communication on different pins

Hi to all of you in this forum. I have to interface asynchronous serial communications at TTL level 9600 / 8 /N /1 on other pins of the Arduino Uno. D0 and D1 are used for the on board USB interface and can not be used for interfacing an external MCU because they conflict. How could I re_direct the serial interface on pins D2 and D3 for example ? I will connect my external MCU there. Thanks for helping . Regards, Ambrogio

You can not redirect pins.

The SoftwareSerial library is a default Arduino library, it is a software serial port.

To communicate with other MCU, also I2C, SPI or wireless is possible.

So, how could I interface serial TTL 9600 8 N 1 to my Arduino Uno ? If I do use D0 and D1 I do have conflict with on board USB chip ! What do you suggest to do ? thanks Ambrogio

very good help for me ,

Duh. See this other thread,

I would use SPI or I2C instead.