Serial communication problem (pySerial, autoreset)

Hi, I'm new in Arduino. I'm trying to use Python pySerial to catch data from Arduino Duemilanove compatible board (ATmega 328, usb, auto reset) and I have the following problem: When I open serial monitor, it resets the board and then data flows ok. When I open the COM port with pySerial (or Realterm or Tera Term), the board is in permanent reset - code not running, processor reset pin is low. I'm trying to setDTR(False), setDTR(True) but nothing works... (Vista 64, python 2.5)

What's wrong?

Which board are you using?

Arduino Duemilanove compatible board "HACEduino" (bought on ebay Auto-reset seems work as expected in Arduino IDE...

Solved, it seems, like this HACEduino board has processor reset derived from RTS signal instead of DTR, so when I open the COM, the board is in permanent reset, but when I do setRTS(False), reset pin goes high and everything seems work ok now…
Thanks for hearing.

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