Serial Communication problem with serial lcd display on Arduino Uno

Good morning . It's my first day with Arduino and i tried to use a serial lcd display to have feedback to see what i am doing.I use that lcd display with Basic Stamp and it works fine.When i look at the debug screen everything looks fine too but i have garbage on the lcd screen .Baud rate is ok .It's look like the serial protocol is not correct.Can we set start bit ,stop bit and parity with Arduino ? I need a standard 9600 n,8,1 protocol .Thanks

It's look like the serial protocol is not correct

Perhaps the device expects an RS232-style inversion?

Ok . Now i found how to set start bit,stop bit and parity.Everything set ok but i found my problem : My start bit always stay high in idle mode . Do i have to do something special.Grounds are ok ?

Yes ,i think you're right ! That's why i have an hight start bit,my rs-232 signal is inverted.Does the arduino has a function to invert rs-232 ?

Thanks !