Serial communication stop when i control a High voltage motor.


I am trying to control a 24V 300W Dc motor applied on self balancing uni-cycle using arduino, motor dirver(below link).

But when i experiment in high current(about 10A), The driver breaks down.

How can i prevent this situation?
Is there anything i should be careful??

Yes, you need to be extremely careful about "lead dress" and grounding.

All interconnections between different parts have to be paired - supply and ground must run together, along with all control connections between the same two devices.

So for the module you cited - and by the way, you only ever use as the eBay link, the URL up to the question mark so: - you run the motor and battery wiring to the terminals on the board and take all your Arduino connections from that board, none directly to the battery powering the motor.

Similarly you keep all sensor and control wiring away from the motor wiring where as I say, you keep all wires together.

I did it.
Pls check a attached image.
But the driver broke down.