serial communication to raspberry

hello, i'm working on a project that when i push the button on my website it turns on a LED. I made a program that works good i can turn a LED on and off on the raspberry pi but i want that the raspberry sends to the arduino that he has to turn on the LED. The program i'm using on the raspberry is writed in python so is there somebody who had an example program to communicate between arduino and python and back? it would be nice if someone could help me with this beceause i'm new with the arduino thing.

So, Python can write to a serial port. If it writes to the one that the Arduino is connected to, the Arduino can read the data.

What problem do you need help with?

This Python - Arduino demo may be helpful


Thanx robin! I'm hoing to see if it works next week. The problem is i'm new with arduino and i found it hard to make a program by my own and maybe this example can help me. If there are other examples you can place them here every litle bit helps :-)

Serial Input Basics Planning and Implementing a Program Several Things at a Time

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