Serial Communication Windows 10


I have the following problem when running my program on Windows 10.

Basically I have created an ENTER button. My program monitors a button press, and when a button press is detected, an ASCII value (0X0D - Carriage Return) is send via the serial port. AAC KEYS (another program that monitors the serial port) then recognizes the ASCII value, and it is as if the ENTER button was pressed on my laptop keyboard.

It works 100% on Windows 7 Professional. But not with Windows 10 Home.

The problem is. In Windows 10 when testing my program using the arduino serial monitor it works. But when I close the serial monitor, open AAC keys (to monitor the serial port) and open NotePad/Word to see if my ENTER buttons works, nothing happens. It seems that the ASCII value is not detected?

Computers and programming is not my strongest points. Can anyone please help/guide me?

Thank you.

  1. Are you using version 1.6.8 of the IDE? That one isn't usable on Windows, it mishandles the serial port and continually resets the board while interfering with anything else trying to use any serial port. Use 1.6.5r5 or 1.6.9

  2. The program that monitors the serial port and injects the keypresses must be running as admin, I think.

Hi Thank you for your reply.

I have been using version 1.6.7 (hourly build -not exactly sure what that means). But have downloaded version 1.6.9. The problem remains.

For Windows 10.

I have tried different ASCII values. It is strange that when using serial monitor, the following ASCII are detected:

0X32 - is the number 2,
0X20 - is SPACE.

But the ENTER ASCII (0X0D) is not recognized. Nothing happens.

As mentioned earlier, everything works perfect on windows 7. Is it something that i need to update? Drivers?

Thanks again.