Serial communication with fingerprint module

I have just bought the R303a serial fingerprint module, can anyone give an example of communicating with it using an arduino serially? This is the manual for the device :

u should run the fingerprint module at 5V (that might make communication with the arduino easier since it uses 5V 2)... the TD pin receives data from the arduino... the RD pin sends data to the arduino... u might want to connect the arduino pins via a resistor (just in case the datasheet is wrong): TDpin ---- 1kOhm ----- arduino pin A RDpin ---- 1kOhm ----- arduino pin B

now u can either use one of the hardware serial ports:

or the softserial lib:

or u do it urself: if there is no communication, u should pull high the TD pin... 1 bit is (1/57600)seconds long (=17.36usec = 278 clock cycles)... in order to send a bitbyte u should pull the TD line down for 1 bit (start bit) then send 8 data bits... then pull the line up for 1 bit (stop bit)... receive works similar...

have fun...