Serial communications

I want to verify that I am understanding this properly...

The serial communications on pins 0 an 1 are in TTL and not RS232 right?

Similarly with software serial, it's not proper RS232 right?

What I'd like to do is interface with a serial LCD (to save on the # of pins needed) and another RS232 device. As such I'd want to use the hardware serial for one and software serial for the other. How feasible is this? Do I need TTL to RS232 converters?

Thanks for any info including pointing me toward where I may RTFM.

Yes, the atmega chips have UART serial ports, and to speak to an RS232 device you'll need a RS232 to TTL converter, i.e. a Maxim MAX232.
Most serial LCDs are TTL serial, so you shouldn't have a problem there. Have a look in the playground at the LCD interfacing articles for more info.