serial convert to a 7 segment display

Hi There

I am a completely newbe with a Arduino, but I have a projekt I need some help with.
I have at timing software on a PC that are used to Streetrace and that gives me the time and speed on a serial port with this Protocol:

Byte No Byte Value (HEX) Description
1 FF Star Signs
2 0-1F Address decimal 0-31
3 AE Start data segments
4 See below 7 Segment sign
5 See below 7 Segment sign
6 See below 7 Segment sign
7 See below 7 Segment sign
8 0-FE Checksum 1
(9) 0-1 Checksum 2. Rarely used, see below
9 (possibly 10) FF Stop sign

Each 7 Segment sign built up of bits of a byte follows:

bit7 bit0

0, g segments, segment b, segment e, d segments, segments C, segment b, segment a

If for example. numeral 2 should be written thus becomes exchange value 01011011 in binary, which corresponds 5B hexadecimal.

I have now bought som 5x7 segments display, but the segments are not addressed individually, but with 4095 buffer/latch chips and they are just chained together.

so I think I need to convert the data from the PC to the display.

Is that something the Arduino can do and how will you approached this ??


This is an advanced project for “a completely newbe with a Arduino”.

We recommend to start with the examples that come with the development package so that you can learn how to use the Arduino environment, and work your way up.

When you have specific problems with the code or hardware, please read the post “How to use this forum” and follow the directions. Forum members will be happy to help.

Otherwise, you can post on “Gigs and Collaborations” and perhaps find someone to write code for pay.