serial data logging project - first timer needs help

Hello all,
First, I am new to Arduino and have little programming experience so please take it easy on me. I do however have a great little project that I need to put together on short notice and am looking for guidance and help getting the correct items purchased and wired together.

I need to log serial data from an external device. The device is an inertial measurement unit and I have attached the pinout of the device. I would need this project to be the smallest size possible so for storage in am thinking a microSD card. The whole project will be enclosed in a pressure vessel and submerged in water so it will need to be completely self contained and able to log for 4-5 hours.

My initial arduino research has indicated that I need something like a Pro Mini (5v), micro SD breakout card, logger shield and a battery pack. I imagine I will need some sort of way to program the unit too so maybe a USB card. I will need the ardunio to output the power (5v) for the external device as well as log at around 5-10 Hz. If someone could help me choose the correct parts I can get them ordered and begin this project.

It might be a good comparison to build a similar system but using an ardunio accelerometer or orientation sensor.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

VN100 _CR100sch (2).pdf (51.2 KB)

C_Brown: I need to log serial data from an external device.

I don't have links to hand, but take a look at Sparkfun's Openlog data logger, and also at Hobbytronics Ardulog.