Serial Data looks different on Uno than on Putty

I am currently trying to get serial data from a battery controller onto an Uno. This is the code I am using to view the serial data.

String configuration = “”; // stores all values entered on the serial monitor

void setup() {
Serial.begin(57600); // set baud rate

void loop() {
configuration += (; // adds incoming character to the receiving string variable

delay(50); //delay. Make sure the delay is long enough to allow the arduino to receive all the incoming data
configuration = “”;

The data looks vastly different than the data I see when I use Putty to view the serial data (so I know the baud is correct at 57600). Any help is awesome!

Please post samples of what you're sending and what you're seeing - we can't provide any help without information on the problem. What is different about it, and why do you belive that indicates a problem?

Terminals can display in various forms. I'm not familiar with Putty but you might check to see that the display is what you would expect, usually ASCII. It may be hex, or nibbles, or God knows what....

It is not a good idea to use Strings (capital S) in the small memory of an Arduino. Instead use strings (small s which are char arrays with a terminating 0 byte.

The examples in serial input basics are simple and reliable and use strings