Serial data to a web page

Hi Everyone,

I want to send a string of comma delimited data to my pc and have it formatted as a web page and uploaded to my website. Is there software to accomplish this for Windows or is this a write your own thing. Right now I send the data to a text file using a terminal program.


Could you elaborate?..

From what I can tell from your post (which isn’t clear on the matter)… you have a webpage on your webhost that outputs a string of comma seperated data.
And you want to read this on your PC?.. (perhaps use a browser?..)

From your post, I can’t make out what the topic title has to do with it. I don’t see anything relating to arduino, serial communication or what you intend to do.
You’ll have to provide more info and more context for us to provide any sort of assistance.

yes…this is a write your own thing…

I think you want serial data to be uploaded to a webserver. Am I right?

I am not sure if there is software who can do that, but I think it can be accomplished with Processing rather easy.