Serial display problem lora

I'm trying to send a lora message from an USRP to an Arduino. The message is successfully decoded but when displaying it in serial read I got the message and a lot of noise as shown in the screenshot. Here is the screenshot of the problem. Can anyone help me please?

You should provide a full description of the equipment you are using plus which Arduinos and LoRa modules you are using and how you have it all connected up, as in a wiring diagram.

And the code your using for the Arduinos.

Sorry I wanted to but since I'm new to this forum I couldn't add more than one file. I'm using an Arduino UNO and The SX1276/8 Bee as a LORA Module. I'm also using Gnu Radio to code the USRP singal as LORA . Here is my Arduino code.

I thought it might be that arduino doesn't know the length of the message recieved but I don't jknow how to solve it!

Thanks a lot

My thought as well, but that would suggest the transmitted packet is malformed, LoRa devices are well capable of reading the length of a properly formatted packet.

The exception is if your using fixed length packets on an SX127X, where the packet length needs to be defined manually.

Please dont post screenshots of important information, they are very difficult to read. Post the text instead.

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