Serial F-RAM Arduino Shield

Cypress semiconductor (CY) recently launched one serial F-RAM development kit, a shield board, which is compatible with the Arduino UNO board. The serial F-RAM is a serial, nonvolatile memory, in 8-pin SOIC package and supports standard SPI and I2C interfaces. The development kit has both the SPI and I2C F-RAM on it.

I would like to know how to get this new dev kit product listed on the Arduino website/ or Arduino forum where all interested users can leverage the benefits of the board in their system design. The kit collateral includes a user guide, quick start guide, kit hardware files, and Arduino example projects for both SPI and I2C interfaces. Cypress’ Serial F-RAM Dev kit webpage:

Kindly help with any guidance -whom to contact and what all collateral needed to process it through?

I will appreciate any guideline or advice in this context. Thanks much in advance.

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Cypress Semiconductor

On the forum, advertisements go here in the Arduino Forum > Community > Products and Services section.

I have no idea how to get the product listed in the shop. It is unlikely any of the other moderators can answer that question. Something from here may help...

You call it a "kit". That implies something else must be purchased or that it must be assembled for it to be functional. What else must be purchased? What has to be assembled?

Obviously, we you are welcome to recommend the product to anyone who asks about the functionality the product provides. For example, someone building a "data logger" may be interested in this product.

Cross-posting, however, is going to get you in trouble. Do not do that. Other threads removed.

Thanks for advice. I was unable to figure out which should be the appropriate forum to post my query and get a quick response. Since, I didn't get any response for quite sometime from the first posting, I thought of putting the same content to another forum just to get a quicker response. I was not aware that I can't post the same message in two different forums. I apologize for my ignorance.

About the serial F-RAM development kit:
This kit consists of a SPI and I2C serial F-RAM memory. Serial F-RAM is nonvolatile memory with serial interface (SPI and I2C) and can directly replace an EEPROM on the same footprint and provides 100 trillion times more endurance (1E+14) than a typical EEPROM (1E+6). In addition, the serial F-RAM doesn't require any write delay unlike in EEPROM, where it requires a min of 5 ms wait time before the next byte/page write can initiate. So, the serial F-RAM is an obvious choice to build a data logger which provide very high (virtually infinite) endurance cycle with zero cycle write delay in a system.

The serial F-RAM dev kit doesn't include any host controller device on it; therefore it requires an external host controller to access it. This kit is form-factor compatible with a standard Arduino UNO board, hence Arduino UNO board or any other board of the form factor can be used as a host controller board to access the F-RAM on the dev kit.