Serial handling FAQ

I'm thinking of nailing up a serial handling FAQ, because we seem to get about one noob question a week about why "when I type "1", I get "49" echoed back".

Can anyone else think of any other common misconceptions about serial handling?

Lots of people have no clue how to read a series of characters as a string.

How to parse that string, or simply convert it to an integer or float would be a good topic to cover.

Why the serial data sender should delimit the data sent, as well as how to do it, and how to deal with the delimiters on the Arduino is another frequent topic.

Handshaking could be covered. Explain making the Arduino say "Hey, I'm ready", and making the sender wait for the "Hey, I'm ready" message before it floods the buffer.

Thanks for taking this on. I know I reply to a lot of these kinds of threads. Having a place on that we could point people to would be great.

You / all of us could start a topic on this on the playground?