Serial I2c lcd help (lm35 To print the temperature)×2_Character_LCD_Module
have the same lcd.

I want to print with LM35 temperature.

code Waiting for your help

Where am I doing wrong?
Everything stable code wrong

HELP ME :art:

... have the same lcd.

Do you have the same I2C adapter? It is the adapter that determines the address.

What do you expect lcd.setCursor(1,7); to do. I can't read your comments and I can't easily use google translate since you have not posted your code, you have instead posted a picture of your code. I can tell you that the 7 will cause problems since the library only expects 0 - 3.

Edit: Some detective work shows that sütun is Azerbaijani for column. So you have your rows and columns reversed as I suspected.

Also, while you are trying to get your LCD to display a simple message or two you should do so in setup(). You shouldn't try to display the data from your sensor until you can get the simple messages working. Your loop() should have nothing between the { } brackets.


Me, Code waiting for help.

sorry for the translation, to know a little language.

be more open

We can help you, but first you must post your code using the code tags. Use the seventh icon from the right at the top of the posting box. It looks like a scroll of paper with <> and when you click on it you will see the word code twice within brackets. Copy and paste your code between the two words.

Have you run an I2C scanner program to confirm the address (0x27) that you are using?

Try and follow the advice given by “floresta” (Don) in this post

and read the comments by “bperrybap” (Bill) near the end of the thread.

From the error message I could see in your code, you will need to include the Wire.h library in your sketches to use the I2C scanner, the i2cLCD guesser, and the FM Malpartida library.