Serial in C#

To cut a long story short I thought I could interface Arduino and C# so I decided to write a little program hooking some third-party components. It's not finished yet, nevertheless I'm posting it to get some feedbacks.

It simply gets values from arduino and displays them, only numbers at the moment and the "send" to arduino feature is still under develpment.


Here's the sketch I used for testing, values from an anolog pin (photoresistor)

#define SENSOR 0 
int val = 0; 

void setup() {

void loop() {

  val = analogRead(SENSOR);
  Serial.println(val, DEC); 

A special thanks goes to my friend Stove who bravely tested it in order to save as many PCs as possible ;D


I guess stove doesn't use Win8 x64...

EDIT: Now back from future: No work under Win7 too. :slight_smile:



Anyway, looks good. I will take a look once the send is sorted :slight_smile:


I guess stove doesn't use Win8 x64...

That's strange, I thought it would have worked on any CPUs. Do you have the .net framework 3.5 installed?

hmm, of course not... Haha.

I will do it, and post again after installing.

Most excellent!

Looks great, can you provide a link to where you got thoes .NET component's from. They look great!

These .Net components look cool. Can you point us to where u got them from?

They aren't open source, you can buy them on the National Instruments website.

Boo... at that price... this isn't even slightly geared towards hobbyists.

A new (final?) version of this tool. I'm sorry, it doesn't work on x64 systems.

If you find some bugs or want to see some features, feel free to reply. I might be able to do something about it.

I've fixed some stuff and added some new measures, gauges and options


Can the graph scale be changed?

sure, you can switch the "scale mode" to fixed, then zoom in or out, pan, etc...

cool. nice work. I'll give it a try.

New version.