Serial In, Midi out?

HI There,

I'm looking to build a software/hardware combo than lets an Arduino Duemilanove receive serial information from Processing, and send (conditional) Midi Data out.

Ideally, the Serial input would be non-midi, at a different Baud Rate.

So, how do I go about doing this?

How do I entertain one Baud rate input, and another for output (midi)?

I understand you can do this with a Software Serial solution.

Can anyone tell me exactly what is involved, or suggest a tutorial?

Thanks very much.


Yes you can't do it with (send and receive at different baud rates) the hardware serial ports unless you have a mega.

The best bet is if you use the software serial just to send as it is much better at sending then receiving. This is because it only has to bother when it is sending stuff and not looking continuously to see if anything is arriving.
You need to build a MIDI output interface which you can do with a single PNP transistor, look in the playground for examples of MIDI and the interface.

You can do it with an Arduino Mega or a Sanguino board+FTDI because they have more that one serial interface. (Mega=4, Sanguino=2)
Another solution would be - if you're enough experienced - to build a standalone Arduino and communicate between the two using I2C.